Artist #22 Karen Arp-Sandel

Artwork #1 / 28 Compassion Collages / Post cards for Newtown, CT USA
Artwork # 2 / Victoria Soto (detail) Compassion Collage for courageous teacher Victoria Soto, age 27, who died 12-14-12 while protecting her students from the gunman.
Artwork #3 / Olivia Engel (detail) Compassion Collage for Olivia age 6 died 12-14-12
Artist / Karen Arp-Sandel
Country / USA
28 Compassion Collages for 28 Victims of Gun Violence on 12-14-12
20 Kindergarten & First grade Children
6 Sandy Hook Elementary educators
mother of the gunman

Each of these souls is remembered in a mixed media collage with watercolor paintings, image transfers, meditations, songs and compassion.